Wednesday, November 14, 2012

I love you to God and back...

I take Hayden to school every morning and Ken takes Kayla.  He works close to her school so we just divide and conquer.  We try to go on breakfast dates with our kids a couple of times a month for some special one on one time.  This morning Ken took Kayla to Ihop and Hayden wanted to go to McDonalds for a McGriddle.  (I had an egg mcmuffin...still semi-healthy.)  Anyway, Hayden said Momma, I love you so much...I said..I love you more...too the moon and back...He said..I love you to God and back:)  Too sweet...I love this little guy and he is growing up WAY too fast!  I can't believe he is almost halfway through Kindergarten.  I feel like he was just born!

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